The everyday life of children becomes more enjoyable and interesting when through the most joyful activities they learn and discover new things.

With the most innovative activities, we bring children close to sciences and mathematical thinking. We expand their horizons with creative expression and pop-up literacy, creating many opportunities to read and enriching their minds with wonderful images.

In addition, children come into contact with English and French and play by learning new words. The learning of foreign languages becomes experiential creating favorable conditions that allow children to use the language in a natural way by focusing on communication and not individually in words.

The contact with Technology makes vital part in our educational activities. Children with a modern educational material, especially adapted to their psychological age, receive real educational value through technology. In this way, children understand the role of the computer as a tool for communicating, updating, learning and developing new skills.

Finally, in the afternoon zone, children creatively elevate their imagination to the journalistic team.  With the guidance of the kindergarten teacher, children approach various topics, participate in interviews, collect and record information, choose photographic material and undertake their own separate project. Our goal for the children of the journalistic team of the nursery and kindergarten is to help them develop their mnemonic abilities, set benchmarks for data and develop a sense of humor, initially with their contact with hilarious cartoons and along the way with the creation of their own cartoons.

Basic activities

Puppet theatre

Puppet theatre is a fascinating activity with significant pedagogical and psychological value. Children are impressed by the world of puppet theatre by coming in touch each time with new characters in new stories. Every hero has its own voice and its own role in the plot of story. In this way, through the role children identify and strengthen their empathic and emotional intelligence. Through the improvisation of the educator, the story evolves in such a way that the children can easily express themselves, enrich their vocabulary and face their own personal fears. For this reason, the Puppet Theatre, in the nursery – kindergarten “Χora tou Paramythiou”  Glyfada, is the way to understand and support the complex psychology of our children.


Children explore, express, create, experiment and learn through the experiential and creative music process. With a series of music-kinetic games with musical instruments and improvised sounds from the children’s imagination, we promote their creative ability and entertainment.

Through music kinetics, in kindergarten and nursery school ” Χora tou Paramythiou “, we aim to develop all the senses of children so that the rhythmic perception can function as ergotherapy.


Children become chefs and create! The purpose of cooking is to induce children to come into contact with all the raw materials. Children create, knead, cook and taste the food they make. As a result of the food preparation  process children learn to appreciate each food item  separately, they try new food and choose a healthy diet for their daily routine.


The huge yard of the kindergarten, is the ideal place for children to come into contact with nature and discover the magic of life that grows from the soil. Through the activities of gardening children, taste new flavors by eating the fruits and vegetables that they plant. Each time, we discuss the ways we can protect the environment so as it continues to give us its delicious fruits.

Kindergarten-Nursery School in Glyfada

"Xora tou Paramythiou"

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