Teaching methods


Aiming at the mental, emotional, social and kinetic development of each child in kindergarten – nursery ” Χora tou Paramythiou ” we apply innovative teaching methods in order to create the bases needed for the future learning in all subjects.

Child-Centered Learning model

Children are the focus of interest and shape the learning process. The educator, as a consultant and mentor encourages, assists and supports children in order to respond effectively.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is based on the child-centered learning model. Through play children develop communication, collaboration and discover their social, sensory and cognitive skills through movement and speech.

Through the group activities, they process the reactions and they set common goals. They express, communicate and create together. This contributes to the development of critical thinking and the autonomy of children, abilities that are teaching them to evaluate based on facts and to make decisions.

Group Collaborative Learning

Through the group learning method, children of the nursery and the kindergarten begin to develop the ability for argumentation and negotiation.

Children work in groups with a view to achieving a common goal. This creates opportunities for discussion, reflection, disagreement, negotiation and evaluation of the appropriate decision.

Interactive Learning

We enrich the learning of nursery’s and kindergarten’s children, with games that create the right conditions for two-way communication and interaction. In order to make learning enjoyable and entertaining, children are actively involved with the pedagogical material and they complete with joy the process of learning.

Outdoor Learning

Nursery’s and kindergarten’s children come in contact with nature and the environment. They observe and learn through experiments about the elements of nature, flora and fauna. The favorite lesson of all children is planting plants and vegetables, picking pomegranates, mandarins and oranges from the trees of our garden, acquiring environmental consciousness.


Kindergarten-Nursery School in Glyfada

"Xora tou Paramythiou"

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