Our philosophy

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Our philosophy in “Χora tou Paramythiou” is expressed through the feelings that are created in the children themselves. In the sensitive preschool age, children have not learned to manage their emotions yet. We stand by their side, in order to cultivate in an experiential way the love for learning, the enthusiasm of success, the pleasant surprise when the activity is chosen child-centered, the tenderness in communication and the admiration in fairytale characters that may become good role models for their lives.


Children face their fears, anger, sadness and anxiety with empathy and by building self-confidence, self-esteem, emotional empowerment, creative and critical thinking in order to achieve a smooth transition to the next school grade.

Taking into the consideration the emotional intelligence of children, we create and develop all the bases needed to elaborate all their abilities in the social, mental, motor and learning areas.

The love and trust of children inspired us to create “Xora tou Paramythiou”, a fairytale and safe place with post-baby department, toddler, preschool and kindergarten. It is staffed by educators with experience, knowledge, and pedagogical skills in order to respond effectively to each child’s individual needs.

Kindergarten-Nursery School in Glyfada

"Xora tou Paramythiou"

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