Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy covers the conditions for collecting and managing visitor / user / member data (hereinafter: Users) for the website . This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the Site.

The use of our site and the registration at our services implies the unconditional acceptance, consent, approval and agreement of the visitor-user to the terms of use and this Protection Policy of privacy and personal data, which we follow. This Policy is subject to an update of data subjects in accordance with the Articles 13-14 of the EU Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 and its acceptance implies your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data as described in detail in this Privacy Policy.

Please read carefully our Privacy and Privacy Policy, in order to learn about the information collected by you, when you visit  and when you use our online services, how they can used and disclosed, how this information is protected and what your rights are. Please be advised, that you have the right to revoke your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data at any time, which will not affect the legality of your personal data processing at, up until that time.

Our business will maintain a record and will process any personal data of the users of the website that will come to its knowledge, while taking all necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of this information. Therefore, these data are never disclosed to third parties, unless that is required by law and / or pertinent authorities. The processing of these data will take place only for communicational, statistical or historical purposes, as well as for purposes of improving its services, to which end the user provides his / her consent, which is presumed to exist solely for the use of the website. Unless a reverse order is issued, our business is entitled to use the user’s personal data for remote advertising and promotion purposes.

The site is not responsible for the content and services of other websites, to which it refers, through “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners, nor does it guarantee their availability. Any problems that may arise during the visit / use of the sites, to which we refer, are included exclusively in the sphere of responsibility of the respective Sites. Referral to other sites is made to facilitate users and does not in any way create any form of commitment for anyone.

Site users who are minors are not allowed to access services that may be considered unsuitable for minors and which cannot be controlled.


Our business reserves the right to change or modify the Privacy Policy at any time, without giving notice to the users. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the Privacy Policy will apply immediately, that is, by the time of their posting in public. Any use of the site after such change or modification will be considered as the acceptance by the user of the changes, modifications, additions or deletions.

Cookies policy

Our business keeps a strict policy to protect the privacy of visitors to the site.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files with information that a web site (specifically a web server) saves on a user’s computer, so that whenever the user logs in to the web site, the latter retrieves that information and offers the user relevant information to these services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as are indicated by the user’s choices on that webpage (e.g. selecting specific “buttons”, searches, advertisements, etc.)


We use cookies on our site:

  • to manage connection sessions,
  • to provide personalized web pages
  • for the adaptation of advertising and other content, in order for it to reflect your particular needs and interests.
  • Cookies can also be used to compile anonymous, cumulative statistics that allow us to understand how the public uses our site and to help improve its structure and content.

We cannot verify your personal identity by this information. You can modify the browser settings, in order to reject some or all cookies.

You should be aware that some features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose to disable cookies, these features may not be available.

Absolutely necessary

The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper operation of the site. They allow you to browse and use its features, such as access to secure areas or use of the shopping cart. They do not, under any circumstances, recognize your individual identity. Without them, we cannot provide effective site functionality.

Performance Cookies

They collect information about the way visitors use the site. They also collect aggregate, anonymous information, which does not identify the visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website.

Functionality Cookies

They allow the site to remember user options such as the user name or region, in order to provide improved and personalized features. The information collected by cookies of this kind, is anonymous and cannot track the activity of browsing in other sites.

Targeting Cookies

They are used to provide content that suits you and your interests best. They can be used to view targeted ads / offers, to limit ad promotions, or measure an ad campaign’s effectiveness.

What kinds of third-party companies’ cookies do we use?

We use our own cookies as well as cookies, which come from third parties. Indicatively, we use cookies of online advertising companies to register the consumer behavior of our users.

What kind of data do we collect through the use of Cookies?

All data that we collect from the use of cookies through our website is processed and stored exclusively in the form of anonymous statistical data and do not conduct any direct connection to your person. Also, our business does not, under any circumstances, perform any act of sale or trading of data, which are collected in said way.

Providing Consent to Accept Cookies

By entering the main page of our website, you receive a notice about the use of cookies, which is in a visible position and refers to this policy of use. In case you decide to browse in sub pages of our website and if you have properly configured your web browser, you are free to express your explicit and specific consent to this use. Otherwise, you are required to refrain from browsing our site, or to disable the use of cookies in your browser settings.

How can you disable cookies?

In case you want to enable or disable the use of cookies from your browser settings, depending on your browser, visit the respective web pages, in order to get information about the necessary actions.